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HoolsGame Game Rules

1. By creating an account at, the account holder agrees to the terms of this agreement.
2. The owner of is Odis S.C., with headquarters in Łódź, Poland on 7b Łąkowa Street.
3. Account holders are forbidden to cheat in any way, advertise websites, add entries which might be considered as spam, use programs to cheat statistics, and publish materials forbidden by Polish law, or materials which might be considered as disrespectful or offensive to the beliefs and views of other users.
4. The game is intended for players 18 years of age and up. By accepting the terms of the agreement, users below 18 years of age declare that their parent or legal guardian has granted them permission to participate in the game.
5. Each account holder must secure his or her account with a password. Odis S.C. will not be held responsible for inaptly secured passwords.
6. Odis S.C. is not a side in transactions between account holders and cannot be held responsible for the outcomes of such transactions.
7. The game is for the player’s entertainment and should be viewed as such.
8. Players participate in the game of their own accord. By creating an account, account holders declare they accept the contents of the game and the game’s website.
9. Email addresses given during registration will serve to receive information concerning the game. We value your privacy, and will use your email address solely for game-related marketing purposes.
10. Any complaints concerning game-related payments should be mailed to The time it takes for a complaint to be looked into depends on the service provider.
11. Account holders may not grant third persons access to their accounts. Account holders will not be reimbursed for detriments caused by third parties or third parties accessing their accounts as a result of a weak password.
12. Any errors discovered in the game (so-called bugs) should be immediately reported on forum (after previously checking if the problem hasn’t been already reported), or reported to the administrator. Account holders who use game errors to their own advantage may be fined or otherwise penalized.
13. Account holders should never give their password to third parties. Game administrators are not authorized to ask players for their passwords – any such attempts should be viewed as fraud and immediately reported to us.
14. Account holders declare that images or other materials used by them during the game are not protected by copyright laws.
15. The terms of this agreement may change at any time. Account holders will be informed about changes via email or on the game’s home page in the “news” category.
16. By creating an account, account holders accept the terms of this agreement. Any legal matters not regulated by the agreement are regulated by the Polish legal system.
17. Odis S.C. prohibitions creating programs or websites which encourage others to cheat the game or offer ways to cheat the game. Account holders are also prohibited to copy and use graphics or entries and names from the game’s websites, publish graphics/entries/names on websites or in programs, or use them for commercial purposes.
18. It is forbidden to use offensive avatars in game. Any players who will put such avatars on their accounts will be banned for 1 week and if it happens again they will be banned permanently.
The same goes to alliances. We will remove abusive avatars and if it does not help the alliance will be removed permanently!
19. Are prohibited any transactions between users (such as sale, purchase or exchange of accounts) and if the player is doing it only on your own responsibility and the company will not be party ODIS in explaining fraud.
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