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General rules:

1. Before starting new topic, make sure that someone didn't start same topic. To search forum you can use option ''Search''.
2. Each user is different and has different experiences. Do not use verbal abuse in the discussions. Respect the other participants and their views.
3. Responsibility for the content of the posts is on post's author.
4. For vulgar and offensive content we use permanent ban. Posts which have offensive content will be deleted without sending notification to post's author.
5. When you are not sure how to do something in game, you can ask in HELP/FAQ forum. Many answers on questions you can find in topic FAQ.
6. Private matters deal with on PM or E-Mail.
7. Advertising other web-sites is strictly forbidden. Posts with that content will be immediately deleted and autor will receive warning from Administrator or Moderator.
8. Its forbidden to advert other games.
9. Administrators and moderators have full permissions to share, delete, move, etc. your posts. If you have any doubt about that, you can explain it with administrator or moderator on PM.
10. If you have any problems with moderators, first talk with them on PM. If you still dont have clear situation, write to administrators.
11. Administrators are not responsible when forum don't work. (server fault)
12. Administrators have full permission to change forum rules in any time.
13. These rules are active from the moment of their publication on

Posting rules:

1. First think about what will you write and find the best topic for that thing. Posts which are not on right topic will be moved or deleted by moderator.
2. Remember, forum is not chat. Dont write small posts, posts with just smiley, etc.
3. When opening topic, write clarly topic's subject. Don't write subject like '' I have question'', ''Please answer'', and similar.
4. Never write same message in several topics.
5. Don't write stupid questions and stupid answers. Think before you write, choose quality and not quantity.
6. Don't write double posts on stadion. You have ''Edit'' option.
7. If you are copying messages from any website or any other source, put always link where you taken material.
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