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Post: 26 lis 2019, 7:12
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Late on Sunday evening Womens Orlando Scandrick Jersey , there will be a total lunar eclipse that will be visible over most of North and South America, Europe and western Africa. This particular lunar eclipse will also happen to occur during a supermoon or wolf moon — that is, when the Moon’s slightly elliptical orbit brings it closest to Earth and it appears a bit larger in the sky.During a total lunar eclipse — when the Earth is between the Sun and the Moon — the Moon turns a reddish-orange color, which is why it is sometimes called a blood moon.This is because what little light reaches the Moon is being refracted through the Earth’s atmosphere, so the Moon is being lit by the same beautiful colors that you see in the sky around sunrise and sunset.Think of it this way: if you stood on the surface of the Moon during a lunar eclipse, you’d see the Earth in darkness, surrounded by the reddish-orange glow of the Sun behind it.These colors are what we see being reflected back to us during a lunar eclipse on Earth.The Moon is set to rise in the east at 5:02 p.m. on Sunday — about 40 minutes before kickoff of the AFC Championship game between the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots at Arrowhead Stadium. By the end of the game, the Moon will be about 40 degrees above the horizon, so depending on where their seats are located (and the weather), fans in the stadium will be treated to the sight of a spectacular full moon rising above the stands.You can expect the TV broadcast to get pictures of it.The Moon will start passing into the Earth’s shadow a couple of hours after the game ends — a little after 10:30 pm Arrowhead Time.The eclipse will last for about three hours, and the Moon will be completely in the Earth’s shadow — the most dramatic part of the eclipse — for a little over an hour Reggie Ragland Jersey , starting at 11:16 pm Arrowhead Time.I took this photo of a lunar eclipse over the Kansas City skyline in April 2015. In this eclipse, totality happened right before sunrise — and just as the moon set — so it was difficult to photograph. As long as the weather permits it, Sunday’s eclipse should provide a much better opportunity for pictures.For those of us in Kansas City — assuming the skies will be clear enough to see it, which is not assured by the current weather forecast — viewing conditions will be ideal.When totality begins, the Moon will be about 65 degrees above the horizon.And yes... depending on the weather, there might be an opportunity for those with mad photography skills to get a very cool actual picture of the Super Wolf Blood Moon over Arrowhead during the total eclipse, instead of the fake and over-dramatized one I ginned up for this article.And if you do, please share it with us!That’s the science.A Groovy Science Grandpa like myself can do no less.Lunar eclipses have inspired and terrified cultures throughout history.In the King James version of the Bible, Joel 2:31 says, “The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood , before the great and terrible day of the Lord come.”Ancient Native American tribes believed that lunar eclipses heralded great transformational changes.In the ancient Incan civilization, the Moon was believed to turn red because it was attacked by a jaguar.In Tibet, Buddhists believe that the deeds you do during an eclipse — either good or bad — are multiplied tenfold.We have certainly seen great transformational changes in the Chiefs in 2018.Whether a lunar eclipse occurring on the day of the AFC Championship game bodes for good or evil for this season remains to be seen.The Patriots will have something to say about that — but so will the Chiefs.A hat tip to AP user davidbeck1, whose FanPost about the Super Wolf Blood Moon reminded this Groovy Science Grandpa that the eclipse was coming up. KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Mitchell Schwartz was chosen by Cleveland in the second round of the 2012 draft with the idea he could be the next Joe Thomas, or at the very least learn from the Browns‘ star offensive tackle.Well, he did learn a lot of lessons. The biggest may have been durability.Thomas once played 10,363 consecutive snaps over the span of 11 seasons before hurting his left arm in a game against Tennessee. The streak that began with Week 1 of his rookie year and survived a slew of injuries, including torn and strained knee ligaments and multiple high ankle sprains.Schwartz, who returns to Cleveland for the first time on the opposing sideline Sunday, has his own incredible streak going now that he’s with the Kansas City Chiefs.After playing every snap his first four seasons with the Browns Womens Carlos Hyde Jersey , and continuing it during the past two-plus seasons in Kansas City, the snap count is up to 6,870 over the course of 104 games.“He’s done a heck of a job being able to endure,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said. “He had a good teacher he learned from, too, in Thomas. He had a nice streak going before he got hurt. Mitch has been tremendous. He’s one of the smartest linemen I’ve ever been around.”Schwartz filled a massive need when the Chiefs signed him to a five-year, $33 million deal, and he has met all expectations. Not only did he help protect Alex Smith during some of his best years, and is now keeping young quarterback Patrick Mahomes clean during his breakout season, Schwartz also paved the way for Kareem Hunt to win last year’s NFL rushing title as a rookie.So far, the Chiefs have allowed just 10 sacks — one behind the New Orleans Saints for fewest in the league — while leading the NFL in scoring and a number of other offensive categories. Delving deeper into the numbers Demarcus Robinson Jersey , the Chiefs have a league-high 13 carries of at least 10 yards while running behind Schwartz on the right side of the offensive line.In other words, the soft-spoken Schwartz is a big reason Mahomes leads the NFL in yards passing and Hunt is fourth in the league in yards rushing.“Those two tackles are really good players, Schwartz and (left tackle Eric) Fisher. They’re the best we’ve played since I’ve been here,” Broncos coach Vance Joseph said. “They’ve blocked us one-on-one from time to time and they win a lot against us.”That may be the most incredible part of Schwartz’s success rate: It has come against some of the best pass rushers in the NFL, including Broncos linebackers Von Miller and Bradley Chubb.Elsewhere in the AFC West, he has to deal with the Chargers’ Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa, and until this past offseason, Raiders star Khalil Mack and his teammate Bruce Irvin.“I’ve been very blessed and fortunate to play and coach with a number of offensive linemen, and those guys never get the credit that they deserve,” Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy said. “They get all the negative flack when they give up a sack or something, but those guys are the ultimate team players because they are going to do whatever it takes to win.”Even if it means playing through bumps and bruises to keep a consecutive snaps streak going.Schwartz acknowledged this week that it will be odd returning to Cleveland , where he learned from one of the best offensive tackles to ever play the game. He has good memories of playing with the Browns, even if they never won enough, and he’s looking forward to seeing some old friends.Once the game begins, though, Schwartz is worried only about helping Kansas City keep winning.“We just keep trusting. No one gets upset, starts screaming or any of that stuff,” Schwartz said. “We’re a pretty good offense, and if we go out there and do our jobs, it’s pretty hard to stop us.”NOTES: Strong safety Eric Berry (heel), C Mitch Morse (concussion) and LB Frank Zombo (hamstring) did not practice Thursday. LBs Justin Houston (hamstring) and Anthony Hitchens (ribs) were limited.100<button class="view-gallery">View Gallery</button> Gallery:View from the sidelines: NFL cheerleaders 2018Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports | Raj Mehta