The recent weather

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The recent weather

Postautor: ylq » 04 lis 2019, 2:33

The recent weather is so bad that people can't help but scream, and the failure of the exam, the pressure of the third grade... all put me on the verge of collapse. Since I entered the third day, I learned to learn hard, but I got a bleak score, which made me want to give up. And so many homework, once you get in, will lose your way in the book sea, plus the score of the monthly test, my heart is even more nervous. The color of the third day is gray in my opinion, without any other colors. After seven days of vacation, I started to fight with my homework when I got home. It��s rare to feel good when I slept in the morning. I wrote a morning assignment, eleven o��clock, and looked at the waste paper and composition paper on the ground. A situation where there is no word, suddenly feels tired Marlboro Gold. Let myself go out of the study and come to the yard to open the door Cigarettes For Sale, but find that the sun is out outside, the sun shines on the body, let me go into the yard with the spirit, let the sun shine on the body, enjoy this rare moment, I suddenly think of the hospital I grew a melon, but I didn��t expect it to be so long after I saw it for more than a month. Looking along the wall, a small watermelon broke into my sight, a long-lost emotion spread in my heart. The breeze is sloppy, the green leaves are dancing with the wind, and the lovely green elves! The dark clouds of the heart are immediately expelled from the country. The body and the heart are warm, squatting on the railing Marlboro Lights, really nice, suddenly I don't want to go back to the study, I don't want to go to the place where there is no sunshine. Going back to the study and opening the door, the sun immediately plunged into the house and expelled the ice. Opening the music, moving out of the table, the feeling of writing homework on the balcony is different, the warm sunshine on the back, the music that I loved in my ear, the mood is so good, the flowers that are inspired as words bloom in my pen. Open the door, the sun is waiting outside for you to greet! Open your heart and let the sun live in your heart.
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