Everyone has friends

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Everyone has friends

Postautor: ylq » 04 lis 2019, 2:33

Everyone has friends, because of their different personalities, so the friends they choose are different. I have always been happy because I found her among many people - my good friend. I believe that my relationship with her is like Newton and his apple. The apple is in the middle of Newton. I have been with her for six years, although I have not been able to work in a class for a few years. However, my friendship and feelings have not faded Marlboro Cigarettes, and there is no gap between them. Instead, I have added more and more deep thoughts, and miss each other's good and together time! She is a short-haired girl, her round face is like a red apple, so there will always be a natural blush on her cheeks, and there are a few small dragonflies on her face, just like the scattered stars embedded in the vast sky. . Her skin is very good, no maintenance, so I like to pinch her face, she is not bothered. She has a good temper, so many people like to play with her. Because of the six-year emotional foundation, I am confident that she will not leave me. I still remember that it was a particularly cold night. I couldn��t reach my nose. It was like a vacuum ring. The head was like a heavy iron shovel. It was red, I was shaking, she took her clothes. Covered on the quilt, and then put your quilt on me, but the cold still refused to bow. Unconsciously, I feel that she got out of bed and borrowed from the people who lay the bed on the lower floor. I thought she must have borrowed paper from them to go to the bathroom, so she didn��t pay much attention and slowly closed her eyes. Sleeping in exhaustion. Unconsciously, she woke me up, lifted my neck with her already frozen hands, and fed something to my mouth. It felt so bitter, she gave me a few more. Saliva, at this moment, I only slowed down, and the cold body suddenly warmed up. She went down to find someone to borrow medicine and got a glass of water for me. She was very thin when she got out of bed Marlboro Lights, and our weather was very cold at night. This friendship made me happy and happy, let me know that friendship can also be compared with hand and foot, sometimes even friendship can last longer. In this friendship, I learned to be a "transparent" person in front of friends, to understand each other, to understand each other and to help each other, to be with the friends to compare the heart, to have a blessing to enjoy the same difficulty! Her emotional contribution will surely reap my emotional rewards; my emotional contribution will surely reap her emotional rewards Newport Cigarettes.
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