ant to go: He didn't

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ant to go: He didn't

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It was a cold wind and a snowy night. The snow fluttered in the sky and a man was trapped in the snowy mountains. He is hungry, and he has already distributed all the food to the trapped old people and children. He eats the snowberry belly, all he needs is when he dies. He faced his hometown and sighed a long sigh, and the snow buried him. He left... When I was young, my mother told me something, asking me to remember someone. I was puzzled. My mother told me a true story without waiting for me to ask me a real bright blue sky. A young man set foot on the road to the Tianshan Mountain. The people in the car talked and the heart was full of travel. Hey. After an hour or so, they arrived at the destination. Under the guidance of the tour guide, they walked to the huge snow-capped mountains to watch and enjoy the beautiful scenery. People talk and laugh, and they praise the masterpieces of nature. Just as they left, the avalanche of the snow was like a quilt to cover the sky, and people panicked. The young man immediately led people to run on the hillside, and this was a catastrophe. Everyone was fortunate. But when it went down, the heavy snow blocked the only exit! For everyone present, this is tantamount to a blue sky. The mountain will cool down at night and it will be extremely cold. The young people first appease the people, and then distribute the food they brought to everyone. Someone asked him, does he have it? He calmly replied, "Yes, you can rest assured that the young man is lying on the ground that night Newport Cigarettes Coupons, the cold is straightforward Wholesale Cigarettes, the hands and feet are frozen and lost. No one knows how he spent. The next day, There is still no news outside. Everyone��s food is running low, and the mobile phone has no signal. What should I do? On the third day, people cry to each other, the children cry, the old people��s sobbing. Everyone��s heart occupies fear, hope The rescue will come. The young man is unable to lean on the snow and no sound. On the fourth day, the rescue team finally arrived! The exit was dredged, they couldn��t use the helicopter, they were always getting through. People were ecstatic and hugged. At this time, what a team member found. Hurrying to call other people in the past, and then carrying out the body of a young man, proved to be the young man. The people on the spot were shocked! The young man did not leave anything for himself! Nothing didn't want to go: He didn't want to survive Marlboro Lights. The family arrived, they cried, and they were so sad that they couldn't make a sound. Seeing his legacy, only he was quiet and left forever, although he was the youngest at home. It is a one that is not eye-catching in the sea. He is only in his twenties and is my youngest. We are extremely sad. I deeply know that a short life will eventually become eternal. The spirit will last forever, we will always be him. Proud that he is very small, but he is not ordinary.
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